Drew Brees Blasts Colin Kaepernick: It’s An ‘Oxymoron That You’re Sitting Down, Disrespecting That Flag’

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08.29.16 34 Comments

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Drew Brees, Saints quarterback and longtime supporter of the armed forces, is the latest in an ever-increasing number of NFL players, coaches, and athletes from other sports to speak out about Colin Kaepernick‘s decision to sit during the national anthem to protest the oppression of black people and other people of color. As you might imagine, people have had some strong thoughts on this particular form of protest, which when the entire purpose of a particular protest is to raise awareness of a larger issue or problem, it’s probably the desired side effect for Kaep.

Recent sports personalities or athletes who have shared their opinions include former 49ers coach and current Michigan Man Jim Harbaugh (who sort of/kind of/maybe walked back his statements shortly after making them), Giants receiver Victor Cruz, and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Each person who has decided to comment thus far has gone about it with varying levels of respect and tact.

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