Jim Harbaugh ‘Doesn’t Respect’ Colin Kaepernick’s Decision To Sit During The National Anthem

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Colin Kaepernick made plenty of headlines over the weekend with his decision to not stand during the “Star-Spangled Banner” in protest of the racial and political climate in the United States. Naturally, in the world of sports this has led Kaepernick to come under a lot of fire from a variety of sources, including some of his fellow NFL players. Current Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, who used to coach Kaepernick in San Francisco, was asked what he thinks about Kaepernick’s protest. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he isn’t supporting his former quarterback.

After taking a moment to think about the question at a press conference, Harbaugh responded by saying, “I acknowledge his right to do it. But I don’t respect the motivation or the action.” Harbaugh later took to Twitter to sort of try and walk back what he said, tweeting, “I apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. To clarify, I support Colin’s motivation. It’s his method of action that I take exception to.”

That tweet is a pretty meager apology, although it’s probably smart of Harbaugh to make sure he walked back the “motivation” part of his statement. But in the end he’s another rich middle-aged white guy offering his opinion on Kaepernick, which is something we certainly don’t need more of.

(Via Scout.com)