Eric Trump Accuses The Clinton Campaign Of Orchestrating ‘Hidden Videos’ And Other ‘Dirty’ October Tricks

10.23.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

On Sunday morning, Eric Trump appeared on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. During his interview, the younger Trump denied his father was down in the polls. He also doubled down the alt-right theory of a widespread voter fraud conspiracy and accused the Hillary Clinton campaign of planting “hidden videos” and accusers in the media as part of a “dirty trick” that conveniently dropped in October.

A few minutes into their conversation, Stephanopoulos asked the middle Trump son about the eleven women who have now publicly accused his father of groping them. “Where were these women before?” Eric replied. “it’s not like my father is a hidden individual, right? mean he’s one of the most known people in the world.” He went on:

“And then the day that the Hillary WikiLeaks come out, all of a sudden, people start coming forward. I think you have to be really naive to think that one and the other, you know, weren’t coordinated together. I mean I think somebody would really need to be naive.”

Eric’s overlooking how Trump kinda invited any existing accusers to come forward while claiming he’s never done the things he bragged about on tape during the second presidential debate.

Reminded that many of the women have friends and family members who corroborated their stories, the younger Trump said he “just [doesn’t] believe it” and blamed the Clinton campaign for the accusations. “you know what somebody told me?” he asked. “They go, Eric get ready for October.”

“They told me this months and months ago, get ready for October. Your family will live through the worst, most unthinkable, hardest month of your lives. Get ready for October. What they’ll throw at you, what the Clinton machine will throw at you, you know, the dirty tricks, the things that will come out, the things that they’ll orchestrate.”

When Stephanopoulos asked the younger Trump if he had any evidence that the Clinton campaign was behind the women’s accusations, he quickly changed the subject.

(ABC News)

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