Eric Trump Doesn’t Hold Back His Feelings On David Duke: He ‘Does Deserve A Bullet’

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11.03.16 9 Comments

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Following Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke’s glorious meltdown at the Louisiana U.S. Senate debate, Eric Trump had something to say about the fella. As it turns out, the middle Trump son is no fan of Duke, which is no shocker because the Trump campaign was not pleased by the KKK’s endorsement of their candidate earlier this week.

In a radio interview with 630 KHOW Denver’s Ross Kaminsky, Eric didn’t stop at suggesting that Duke deserved a violent takedown — he flat-out said it should happen. Kaminsky expressed disgust at how Duke has managed to ride Trump’s coattails with his own personal white nationalist spin, and he believes Duke “desperately deserves a bullet in the head.” Eric saw no problem in agreeing, though he tried to soften the remark by saying he’ll get in trouble: “If I said exactly what you said, I’d get killed for it. But I think I’ll say it anyway: the guy does deserve a bullet.”

Perhaps Eric’s candor owes something to the fact that Colorado has suddenly turned into a close race between his father and Hillary Clinton, so disavowing Duke on his father’s behalf could work a little magic. Still, Eric is not the most self-aware guy out there. Perhaps he should stop at stealing lemonade rather than suggesting violence.

CNN asked Duke for comment on Eric’s sentiment, and this happened: “That’s a good one, I’m in the middle of project right now.”

You can listen to the interview below. The relevant quote happens fairly close to the beginning.

(Via 630 KHOW Denver, CNN & Real Clear Politics)

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