Everything You Can Expect From James Comey’s Testimony On His Interactions With President Trump

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Comeypalooza is coming to Washington, D.C. on Thursday. How can you watch, and what should you expect? One of those questions is much easier to answer, so let’s get that out of the way. James Comey is expected to testify, beginning at 10am EST sharp (in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee), on matters related to his conversations and interactions with President Trump, who unceremoniously fired the former FBI director on May 9. The public portion of his hearing will last approximately three hours, and then the cameras will cease to roll at 1pm EST, at which point a closed committee session with Comey will continue.

The highly anticipated hearing is such a big deal that several networks — CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, and C-SPAN — will carry it live. Additionally, UPROXX News will stream the hearing live on our Facebook page, and C-SPAN will livestream the publicly viewable testimony as well. The president may also live-tweet the event, which is “2017” in a nutshell.

What will Comey tell Congress? Well, we already heard that he plans to “stop short” of saying that Trump obstructed justice, but the Senate Intelligence Committee just dropped Comey’s Statement for the Record, and it tells us a lot. The seven-page written testimony, which will form the basis of Comey’s opening statement on Thursday, is extraordinary because it backs up many of the bombshell reports from the past month. The document details Comey’s interactions with Trump on five separate dates, and here are some highlights:

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