Kroger Supermarkets Will Stop Selling Guns To Customers Under 21 Years Old

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03.01.18 7 Comments


Barring any definitive action from lawmakers on gun policy reform in the wake of the Parkland school shooting — unless you count Trump’s proposal of arming teachers, anyway — retailers are starting to take matters into their own hands. One day after Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that it will no longer be selling assault style rifles, high-capacity magazines, or any firearms to those under 21; the supermarket chain Kroger has announced that it has also raised its minimum age to purchase guns and ammunition to 21 in all of its Fred Meyer stores, which sells general merchandise including sporting goods.

Kroger is following suite with Walmart, which made a similar announcement on Wednesday in response to the tragedy in Florida.

Currently, Kroger sells firearms at 43 Fred Meyer locations in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. The chain will also stop selling assault-style semiautomatic rifles in Alaska, after already stopping those sales in the other three states several years ago.

“Recent events demonstrate the need for additional action on the part of responsible gun retailers,” said Jessica Adelman, a spokeswoman for the Cincinnati-based chain. “In response to the tragic events in Parkland and elsewhere, we’ve taken a hard look at our policies and procedures for firearm sales.”

These changes may be small in the grand scheme of things, but symbolic nonetheless. While there may still be plenty of other places for those who are dangerous and mentally disturbed to legally obtain weapons, retailers taking a stand sends a clear message that America has had enough, and the time for talk is over.

(Via Wall Street Journal)

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