Americans Are Signing Up For Obamacare In Record Numbers Despite The GOP’s Threat To Repeal It

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12.17.16 8 Comments

Getty Image / Healthcare.Gov

The Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” is likely one of the most divisive pieces of legislation in recent political history. The fight to get the bill passed in the first place was long, featuring a filibuster by Ted Cruz, a Supreme Court battle, and a government shutdown to avoid funding the bill. The act finally went into effect in 2010, but now is on the cusp of being repealed by the Republican members of Congress that opposed it from the start and President-Elect Donald Trump who has pledged to repeal the law while keeping the parts that work. While the number of people with insurance went up after the law went into effect, insurance companies did not see the profit benefits they were supposed to see and started to raise premiums on the public — all despite the questionable ethics behind making money off of something meant to be required of all Americans.

Despite all of the negative press and the unsure future for the law, Thursday saw a record number of Americans sign up for coverage using the Healthcare.Gov exchange according to NBC News:

Obama plugged the health insurance marketplace, the centerpiece of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, in his last press conference of the year before heading to Hawaii for vacation.

“Yesterday was the biggest day ever for More than 670,000 Americans signed up to get coverage,” Obama said.

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