Trevor Noah Tries To Wrap His Head Around Why Obamacare Is Failing And It’s Not What You Think

Another day, another argument about healthcare premiums rising. It’s a contentious point during election season, with the Hillary camp hoping to refine and mold Obamacare into something that works for the future, while Trump and the right want to blow it to oblivion for something new. Premiums are rising, once again, but the nation now has 5% of its population that wasn’t previously able to get coverage insured under the ACA. There’s nothing simple about this problem that’s getting more expensive by the day, and by Trevor Noah’s estimation, it’s partially the fault of those damn healthy, young people.

“In order for Obamacare to make economic sense, both healthy people and sick people would need to have health insurance. That’s the only way it works. Because for insurance to remain affordable, you need healthy people to subsidize the sick people.”

Of course, people still want to opt out of insurance, and that’s why there’s a fine. But as Noah correctly points out, it still doesn’t matter because the fine is far cheaper than the cost of insurance. That leaves us with more arguing, and with more people wanting to abolish Obamacare. What’s not being said, is that the premiums rising are a bit of a misnomer and don’t take into account the tax credits that even out the cost of insurance.

In addition, according to MIT, health insurance premiums were rising by 10% year over year before Obamacare, and there were no credits then. Does that mean Obamacare is perfect? Far from it. But there can be changes made for the better, and changes that can still allow insurance companies to rake in profits. Maybe Aetna’s CEO won’t make $28 million before bonuses, but there’s a chance they can still survive with some of Obamacare’s tax credits.

(Via Comedy Central)