Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Alleges That Some Sort Of Incident Between His Client And Trump Occurred After He Became President

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03.16.18 6 Comments

Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has been doing the cable-news rounds over to his client’s alleged affair with Donald Trump. One would think that his first revelation of the day — an accusation that Daniels was not simply silenced with $130,000 and an NDA but also physically threatened to stay quiet — would have been his only juicy nugget of the day, but not quite.

While speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Avenatti leveled another accusation of equal interest to followers of this scandal. That is, Avenatti claims that some sort of alleged incident happened after Trump became president. Whether he’s referring to a threat, a discussion, something related to the “hush agreement,” or who knows what else, here’s what went down on air:

Tapper: “Is there anything in the litany of accusations — you would call them facts — that surround this case that happened while Donald Trump was President?”

Avenatti: “Yes.”

Tapper: “Can you go any further than that?”

Avenatti: “No.”

It’s almost impossible not to let one’s mind go too far here. Avenatti isn’t stating that any alleged sexual encounters happened after inauguration, and that seems like a stretch for events that were supposedly confined to a few months in 2006 (a year after Trump married Melania). However, that Avenatti would make an ambiguous suggestion of any sort is a bold move with lawsuits flying everywhere. Yet perhaps Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper (which set to air on Sunday, March 25), will shed more light on the new claim?

Also today, Sarah Sanders stated during a press briefing that she had “no knowledge of that situation” when asked about the alleged physical threat brought up by Avenatti on Friday morning.

(Via CNN)

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