Tim Kaine Goads Trump Before The Next Debate: His ‘Running Mate Threw Him Under The Bus’

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10.06.16 6 Comments

Tim Kaine fired back at critics saying he wasn’t prepared to do battle with Mike Pence at the vice presidential debate. In an interview with CNN, Kaine also criticized Pence for not defending Donald Trump’s policies, saying he threw Trump “under the bus.”

Kaine came out at the vice presidential debate with guns blazing. He wasted no time in calling out Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and Pence’s contradictions. Kaine’s attack-dog attitude had some critics saying he was preparing for a debate with Trump, not Pence. Whereas Pence was cool and collected during the event but denied everything Kaine said, even in the face of Trump’s own words. Kaine defended his constant interruptions and attitude saying he was fighting for Hillary Clinton, while Pence was a surrogate for Trump.

But some of Kaine’s harshest criticisms were directed at Pence, who he felt didn’t do much to defend the Republican presidential nominee. Kaine believes Trump may be mad at Pence for throwing him under the proverbial bus:

“A lot of stories suggest that Donald Trump’s reaction to the debate was one of anger, ‘Why won’t my own running mate defend me?’ That, I think, is going to work on his head a little bit as he goes into prepping for the really important debate on Sunday. He had a poor performance a week ago. And then he saw a debate two nights ago where his own running mate sort of threw him under the bus. I’m sure that the Trump campaign is not happy with that debate. And that puts some extra pressure on him getting ready for Sunday.”

Despite polls showing Pence winning the debate, Kaine felt he held his own during the debate. He equated his performance to a goalie, deflecting questions and playing good defense for Clinton.

(Via CNN)

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