‘F*ck You, Old Man!’ Is How Trevor Noah Describes The ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Crowd

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07.27.16 5 Comments

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show checked into Philadelphia for the 2016 Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, and kicked off the action with special guest John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Obviously, this is a big week for Noah, what with Jon Stewart making his triumphant “return” to late night last week, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to both “passionately skewer” Donald Trump’s RNC circus show and help his buddy Colbert out with a little ratings bump at a time when he can certainly use it.

Noah, as he told us for The Daily Show’s 20th anniversary, is still a creative work in progress, but there’s really no better time for him to shine than this week, thanks to the endless string of all-star celebrity DNC guests and especially the election sub-plots. For example, have you heard about that whole email scandal? That was a rough way to kick off the DNC, for sure, and so The Daily Show sent correspondents off to destroy cell phones and laptops throughout the Wells Fargo Center.

But the week’s biggest dilemma for Democrats has clearly been trying to convince Bernie Sanders supporters to ignore the DNC email hack’s revelations and support Clinton and Tim Kaine against Donald Trump. As Noah and his Daily Show team point out, that’s simply easier said than done.

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