Jon Stewart Returns Behind The Desk On ‘The Late Show’ To Passionately Skewer Trump And Fox News

You knew Monday wasn’t the only appearance we’d get from Jon Stewart on The Late Show. He revealed the location of his cabin in the woods earlier to bring back the real Stephen Colbert for one quick appearance, but tonight is the real main event.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s supersized speech at the RNC, Stewart shows up next to Stephen Colbert to do a little bit of analyzing. First they had to celebrate the fall of Roger Ailes since they essentially spent a decade battling the former Fox News head, but then we got some magic.

Like a Kenny Rogers ballad, Stewart asks to switch places with Colbert for a bit, dons a suit jacket, and unloads everything he has pent up since leaving The Daily Show. He takes on Donald Trump, the RNC, and Fox News in a classic rant straight out of the golden days of The Daily Show. He even gives the censors a little workout by the end of it all, needing a slight reminder that the show is live.

If there was ever a moment that shows how sorely television misses the presence of Jon Stewart, it was this one. It might’ve been special given the players involved and the timing of his departure from The Daily Show, but it also might’ve been special because the guy is just damn good at it. Either way, this was a nice way to cap off the week.

(Via The Late Show)