The 10 Most Off-The-Rails Things Donald Trump Said In His Combative Press Conference

02.16.17 1 year ago 38 Comments


Donald Trump appeared for a press conference today to announce his new labor secretary appointee, Alexander Acosta. Or at least, that’s what was supposed to happen, but Trump either had other plans or completely went off the rails while lecturing the media yet another time because he thinks they’re “fake news.” For 75 long minutes, time stood still as Trump ranted and raved about how the media treats him terribly, and he doesn’t understand why.

The press conference turned into — as Wolf Blitzer later described on CNN — a Festivus-like affair. Trump unloaded all of his grievances (“I’m taking my message straight to the people”) upon those who he believes are trying to drag down the man who is “here to change the broken system.” To seriously analyze this appearance would drive anyone insane (even sportsbooks couldn’t cope), so here are the most bonkers things that Trump said while raging at the world.

The overriding theme: “The media is so dishonest … out of control …. they’re doing a tremendous disservice … the press should be ashamed of themselves.”

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