Donald Trump’s Press Conference Was So Unhinged That Even Sportsbooks Didn’t Know What To Do

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Donald Trump had an extra combative press conference on Thursday, and while the President was claiming drugs were cheaper than candy bars and having what was just generally a bad day at the podium (even for his standards), oddsmakers at offshore sportsbook Bovada were pulling all prop bets involving Trump off the board.

The props frozen were visible, but not able to be wagered on, on the Bovada page included whether Trump will complete his full four-year term (which was at -130 yes, EVEN odds on no).

It’s incredible that a sportsbook could be so shaken by a President’s press conference that they would pull impeachment odds off the board, but that appears to be the case. My first reaction, along with many, was that they had some information or there was a significant wager placed that made them curious if there was a reason and thus they would pull it down. That still could be the case, but publicly at least, the reason is just a reaction to the Thursday press conference.

The odds were quickly changed, and at 1:30 p.m. ET they went back up with Trump going from a -130 favorite to complete his term prior to the press conference to a -130 favorite to NOT complete his four-year term afterwards.

That’s a significant odds shift to come after one press conference, but Trump looked bad enough to cause a massive line move, either through fear from the oddsmakers or a large wager coming in and pushing them to change the odds.