The Definitive Ranking Of The Worst Celebrity Guests In WWE SummerSlam History

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As you may have heard, Vince McMahon is busting out the celebrity checkbook for this year’s SummerSlam, bringing in Jon Stewart as host and the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell, for a match. Obviously, the oft-neglected “WrestleMania of the Summer” hasn’t had as many famous guests as the real WrestleMania, but there have been a few memorable (for better or worse) SummerSlam celebrity appearances.

Much like our WrestleMania celeb article, this list is ranked from best to worst. Well, okay-ish to worst. From Leslie Nielsen to Zeus to Cee Lo Green and everybody in between, here’s your SummerFest celebrity rundown…

Note: I’m only including celebs that had some sort of involvement in the show. Just being one of the stars in the audience doesn’t count. So sorry, no Anna Kendrick.

10) Leslie Nielsen

SummerSlam: 1994

Role: Zombie Detective

Back in the early ’90s, the most popular comedian in the world was a Canadian man in his 60s who specialized in sight gags and jokes that would make the writers of classic Looney Tunes cartoons wince. Clearly, we were living in a cultural golden age.

So yes, back in the summer of ’94, there were two Undertakers running around. One was skinny, had a bright orange beard and looked kind of like Seth Green facially. The other one looked like The Undertaker. Despite this, the question of who the real Undertaker was was apparently so vexing, WWF had to call in Detective Frank Drebin of Police Squad (!) to solve the case. Give WWF credit, they went above and beyond to replicate the feel of the Naked Gun movies here. They had the voice over, they had the sight gags, hell, I’m pretty sure somebody was even called Shirley. The backstage segments were even shot like a Naked Gun movie. Due to this, and the fact that Leslie Nielsen is a goddamn natural treasure, I declare this the second-best WWF/E celebrity cameo in history, next to anything involving Bob Barker.

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