Video Of A Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery Had Everyone Making The Same Sports And Wrestling Jokes

The very first doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine began being distributed around the country on Monday after getting FDA approval over the weekend, with hospitals beginning to give out the vaccine to first responders and healthcare workers.

Video of some of the first doses being wheeled into George Washington University Hospital in the early hours of the morning went viral after sports and wrestling fans couldn’t help but laugh at how much it looked like a wrestler or boxer’s ring entrance.

That resulted in a lot of people dubbing the vaccine video to various wrestler themes, most popular among them being Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Goldberg.

For others, they couldn’t help but notice a different correlation, as it was eerily similar to the coverage they give the people who wheel in the championship trophy during the NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup Final.

That led to my personal favorite edit of the video, which put the NBA on ESPN theme music over it.

Now I need someone to dub a Mike Breen “BANG!” call over video of the first people receiving the vaccine, and we’ll really be cooking. There were plenty of other memes out there, including this visual I very much enjoyed of them bringing the vaccine into the hospital like they do bottle service at the club, just with fewer sparklers.