Snoop Dogg Did An Awkward ‘Snoop Splash’ Off The Top Rope On All Elite Wrestling

Snoop Dogg has stronger ties with the world of professional wrestling than just about any other musician: In 2016, he became the first musical artist to get inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. So, seeing him make a guest appearance on All Elite Wrestling Dynamite last night wasn’t surprising. What was more of a shock, though, was seeing him do a frog splash, or “Snoop Splash,” off the top rope.

Snoop made an appearance to promote his new TBS show The Go-Big Show, which debuts tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Snoop mostly stood by the side of the ring during a fight between Cody Rhodes and Matt Sydal, but madness ensued after victor was declared in Sydal’s favor. After the match, Serpentico and Luther took to the ring to stir up trouble, and as Serpentico lay prone on the ground, Snoop climbed on top of a corner turnbuckle. After getting his footing, he awkwardly jumped on Serpentico with a frog splash-like move, which commentators dubbed the “Snoop splash,” and pinned him. After the feat, one of the commentators angrily said, “He’s nine feet tall! He’s a human piece of spaghetti, he shouldn’t be in there!”

Watch clips from Snoop’s AEW appearance above and below.