A Florida Wedding Planner Is Fighting To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples And Her Name Explains Everything

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01.23.15 25 Comments

Think Progress shared a story that’s becoming increasingly common in America: someone discriminates against a group of people for religious reasons, then cries reverse discrimination when they catch heat for it. The right to love is offensive, and the right to hate must be protected.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to preach at you — at least not right now — on a wrestling blog. The reason we wanted to share this story of a Florida lesbian couple refused service by a wedding planner because their relationship made her feel “uncomfortable” and the ensuing DON’T TREAD ON ME defense from anti-gay groups is because to truly know the planner, all you have to do is look at her name:

Having been together for four years, Melissa McCord and her partner did not waste time taking advantage of Florida’s marriage equality, marrying on January 10. Still, the Jacksonville mothers of two wanted to plan a nice formal ceremony to share with family and friends and sought out a wedding planner. Lana Rusev of Simply Elegant Wedding Planning wrote back to them that she was already booked for the weekend they wanted, but bothered to add, “Due to my strong personal belief I do not feel comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples. I hope you understand and not take this personally.”

Lana Rusev of Simply Elegant Wedding Planning

Lana Rusev

Yes, the woman shares a name with both the WWE’s Bulgarian-born United States Champion Rusev and his manager, “The Ravishing Russian” Lana. If your name’s Lana Rusev, how do you NOT discriminate? She should be refusing service to all “stupid Americans.” Think Progress includes her quote explaining her actions, but now I’m sad it isn’t just a giant picture of Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, Rusev is taking great umbrage to the backlash she’s facing. On Facebook, she suggested that First News Coast cut some of her remarks, claiming, “I absolutely have nothing against these individuals.” But she also doubled down, asserting, “I am not afraid to stand for what I believe. I will continue to stand my ground and not be bullied. Our Facebook has been swarmed by discriminating comments and negative reviews.”

Indeed, her Facebook page includes negative comments from many people. Contrary to her description of them, however, the only discrimination that took place was when she refused to serve a same-sex couple. The Family Research Council has already come to Rusev’s defense, citing her as another victim of LGBT equality. Same-marriage “sure impacts their family when they’re fined, forced out of business, or lose their home simply for following their moral conscience.”


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