A Former WWE Champion Is Headed To Lucha Underground Next Year

Last week the first episode of El Rey’s Lucha Underground dropped and created a lot of buzz. The show’s a unique take on a lucha libre hour-long, featuring stars from the past, present and future of the sport. It’s the only place you can see Blue Demon Jr. slowly tap a guy out, followed by Richochet in a Puma mask doing two backflips into a headscissors takedown.

Today, Lucha Underground is creating even MORE buzz thanks to the announcement of a huge name joining the show next year. Former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, aka El PatrĂ³n Alberto, will soon step foot in Dario Cueto’s seedy pro wrestling warehouse.

ADR spoke with WrestleTalkTV about the value of his name and how he and WWE don’t need each other, and caps it off with the LU announcement. Jump to the 1:45 mark for an excerpt from the interview, unless you want to sit through a minute and a half of G4 hosts in AJ Styles t-shirts.

Son Of Havoc is going to spend SO LONG in the cross armbreaker, you guys.