A Group Of Fans Invaded The Smackdown Main Event And Pro-Wrestled With Security

Pro-tip: If you aren’t a WWE Superstar, don’t get into a WWE ring.

The above video is a group of goofy motherf*ckers storming the ring during the main-event of the Smackdown tapings in London on Tuesday afternoon. Yes, that’s a Rock Bottom. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Daniel Bryan and John Cena are forced to just kinda stand around and wait for security to battle a bunch of fans. It’s bizarre, stupid, and thankfully captured by Elliot Cantor.

Which British prank show I’ve never heard of are these guys from? That’s the only explanation for why Cena didn’t just pounce one of them and beat them to death. I can’t even stand up in the front row on cameraside without two security guards wandering over and telling me to sit down.