A Paralyzed Soldier Will Walk Again Tonight In The Most Inspiring Smackdown Segment Ever

Warning folks, it’s about to get pretty dusty wherever you are. Maybe grab some eye protection.

Dan Rose was an US Army Sargent assigned to clear roadside bombs in Afghanistan. Unfortunately a bomb exploded under his truck while he was on patrol, and while the rest of his unit thankfully made it out unharmed, Rose was paralyzed from the chest down. In the past, Sgt. Rose would have had to live a life confined to a wheelchair, but now, thanks to new technology called the Ekso Suit, he’s been able to walk again.

You can check out Sgt. Rose demonstrating the Ekso Suit on Smackdown below. Not only is the demonstration amazing (and frankly, seriously badass) but the audience’s response is actually pretty heartwarming. Oh, and no, don’t worry, Rusev and Lana don’t make an appearance…

Make sure to tune into Smackdown for the full segment and other equally memorable stuff like, uh, an Usos vs. Star and Goldust match? Maybe a Ryback squash? Hey, it can’t all be broken men learning to walk again.

via EwrestlingNews