A Shameful Thing: WWE Is Going To Try To Do Daniel Bryan/Sheamus At Wrestlemania Again

So, after returning in dramatic fashion and vowing to win the title again at Wrestlemania, Daniel Bryan was eliminated without fanfare mid-way through the Royal Rumble, begging the question, what happens now?

Well, if you’re expecting Bryan to miraculously manipulate himself into the title picture again this year, keep dreaming. According for F4WOnline, there are absolutely no plans to include Bryan in the World Title picture at Wrestlemania, as Vince McMahon feels that would be “overkill” – see, because certain guys getting frequent high-profile title shots would be boring and creatively bankrupt, so WWE simply doesn’t do that sort of thing.

In place of a World Title match, the likely plan is to have Bryan wrestle, say it along with me, Sheamus at Wrestlemania. Sheamus was, of course, the man Bryan was going to wrestle last year at ‘Mania before the groundswell for Bryan became impossible to ignore. It’s who he fought at Wrestlemania 28. It’s probably who they’ll still be booking Bryan against 10-years from now (even if one or both of them are retired).

WWE, listen, if you really do see Daniel Bryan as a B+ player and want to move him back down the card, whatever, fine, it’s your company, but just finish your damn story first. For the past year or two you’ve been telling the tale of “scrappy underdog Daniel Bryan vs. the evil Authority” and left us hanging on the final chapter. Bryan doesn’t even have to win the title at Wrestlemania, he’s already done that, but something more conclusive than “and then suddenly a wild Sheamus appears” has to happen.

I’ll open it to you guys – assuming Bryan doesn’t get a title shot, what match could you give him that wouldn’t feel like a total Sheamus-esque rip-off?

via WrestleZone here & here