A Surprising Name Will Be Inducting Kevin Nash Into The WWE Hall of Fame (UPDATED)

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So, Kevin Nash is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. The timing is a little odd, considering Nash’s recent Christmas Eve family chokeslam party, but there’s no denying that he has all the required credentials. Now, who’s going to induct Big Sexy?

A number of sites reported that Shawn Michaels would do the induction, but that was apparently a case of everybody making assumptions. I mean, of course Shawn Michaels is inducting Kevin Nash! Triple H is busy inducting Arnold Schwarzenegger, so the job passes to the next highest-ranking Kliq member, right?

Nope. According to a recent tweet by Mick Foley, he’ll be handling the induction…

It’s an odd choice because Nash and Foley haven’t really interacted much in a professional context, and both their careers peaked while they were in different companies. That said, it could make some sort of sense if they’re planning to play up the Monday Night Wars angle, as Nash and Foley were the top guys in WWF and WCW when the battle was at its hottest. Also, Foley is good at faking sincere, and maybe they don’t want Nash’s induction to be a smirky, circle-jerk.

Who would you have induct Kevin Nash? Justin Credible all the way for me.

UPDATE: It looks like Foley might have gotten ahead of himself saying he’d induct Nash, as he recently Tweeted this…

…he’s followed it up with a bunch of Tweets making the case that he’d be a better choice to induct Nash than Shawn Michaels, so maybe Foley’s just been left home alone and got into the Christmas eggnog. We’ll see.

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