A Wresting Legend And Rob Corddry Join The Mountain Goats For Their New Video

05.20.15 4 years ago 6 Comments

The Legend of Chavo Guerrero is the first single from the Mountain Goats’ most recent album Beat the Champ, an album that explores vocalist (and sometimes sole member) John Darnielle’s relationship with the wrestling he watched as a child in Los Angeles, and his newfound perspective on it as an adult. The album has an unexpected but wonderfully fitting emotional undercurrent, and what better way to continue that than have Darnielle appear alongside one of his childhood heroes, Chavo Guerrero, Sr. (also known as Chavo Classic)?

The video also features actor and comedian Rob Corddry (making wish this had actually been the sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine), and independent wrestling darlings Joey Ryan and Ryan Nemeth (formerly WWE’s Briley Pierce). Much like the album itself, the video is a love letter to all of those tropes that make us connect in such a deep way to professional wrestling. And if you don’t get even a little misty at the idea of Darnielle getting in a ring with Chavo, then I just don’t know what to tell you.

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