The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling 11/16/17: That Is Professional Wrestling

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Previously: Johnny Impact beat Alberto El Patron up with the power of PARKOUR and the spirit of R-Truth’s water bottle. Patron somehow came out on top though. Also, Sami Callihan made oVe actually worth the hype, and Jimmy Jacobs was better at Jeremy Borash’s job than Jeremy Borash. And EC3 joined in on mocking Matt Sydal for being a choke artist.

ACE: (Total Nonstop) Actions Have Consequences

One of the first things we hear this episode is that “Patron and Impact … [are] banned from the building.” And you know what? Good. Because actions should have consequences, and they just tried to destroy each other up and down the Canuck Zone. Ugh, fine — the Impact Zone. (Stupid Sami Callihan confirms there is no name change this week. Thumbs down indeed.)