The Aces And Ehs Of Impact Wrestling 10/12/17: Total Nonstop Recap

10.13.17 8 months ago 3 Comments

Pop TV

Hello, and welcome to weekly Impact Wrestling — that’s what this is, it probably won’t change again — coverage on With Spandex. And also welcome to me, LaToya Ferguson, your recapper and friend.

Now for some good housekeeping: You can follow me on Twitter here, With Spandex here, and Uproxx here. And don’t forget to watch Impact Wrestling on Pop at 8 pm on Thursdays so you can read these pieces and share them with the online world. I mean, you can still read these pieces and share without watching Impact Wrestling on Pop, but then I feel like you might think I’m making all of the following up. And I am not.

Previously: Moose tried to take on American Top Team. It did not end well. It was pretty funny though.

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