Adam Cole Is Reportedly Being Courted By Every Major Wrestling Company

05.03.17 12 months ago 12 Comments


This week, Adam Cole’s contract with Ring of Honor officially expired. The man who happens to be one-fourth of the Bullet Club’s SuperKliq has long been expected to be WWE-bound, and has spent most of the past several months fielding questions that are basically about what he wants his WWE experience to be like.

The latest news is that, while the fervor surrounding the only three-time ROH World Champion isn’t while at Kenny Omega levels, Cole suddenly finds himself the hottest free agent in pro wrestling. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, “everybody” is interested in signing Adam Cole, baybay.

While Meltzer expects Cole to eventually end up signing with WWE, it isn’t a sure thing right now. Ring of Honor would obviously love to re-sign him, and New Japan is extremely interested in keeping him around as part of the Bullet Club as well. Impact Wrestling has almost certainly sent feelers Cole’s way, because no matter your opinion on Impact, they’re not idiots, and always check in on whether they’ll be able to bring in free agents, particularly ones with buzz around them.

Cole has been steadily building his cachet on the indies over the past half-decade, and it may have all been leading to a big payday for him, no matter where he ends up signing.

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