Orioles Star Adam Jones Had The Best WWE Cosplay At Extreme Rules

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06.04.17 2 Comments

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A fun thing that you and your friends can do when you go to a pro wrestling pay-per-view is to dress up like your favorite wrestler, or maybe the most famous or notable wrestler you can think of. Really going the extra mile helps set yourself apart from the hoi polloi with their replica belts and their NOT dressing up in full costume. On Sunday, during the WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view in Baltimore, a special fan had front-row seats and took the time to deck himself out in some special cosplay for the occasion.

Outfielder Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles — AKA “the regular Adam Jones” — attended the PPV with a group of his friends, and they all dressed up as some of the greatest heels of the 1990s. His crew promised beforehand that they had something special in store, and they did not disappoint.

Before the Raw Tag Team Championship match on Sunday, the ringside cameras took a special, lingering look at the squad, so here are your official new squad goals.

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Yes, that is Adam Jones himself as the one and only Wrestling Superstar Virgil, towering over a Ted DiBiase with an almost-certainly-ill-gotten WWE Championship. They’re both in front of a friend dressed as “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart and are flanked by Irwin R. Schyster and (we think) the Big Boss Man.

Some fans on Twitter were wondering why Jones would dress up as Virgil, but why the hell WOULDN’T you?

What’s the next stop for Adam Jones this week? Almost certainly, it will be the Olive Garden.

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