Adrian Neville’s Getting A New Gimmick On The Main Roster And Oh God, It’s Terrible

Remember back in September when then-NXT Champion Adrian Neville hit the Red Arrow on Raw and the crowd went nuts for it? Remember the rest of the year, when Neville would routinely be a part of some of the best matches in WWE?

Neville’s making his Madison Square Garden debut on December 26th, and is finally being prepped for a spot on the main roster. I’m sure they’ll bring him up as an exciting young star who burned up developmental, and not make him as stupid as possible so everyone who sees him hates him. Right?

By way of PWInsider:

WWE is prepping a new gimmick for Adrian Neville that has been described to us as “Mighty Mouse-esque.” Of course, that’s the old cartoon character who was very small but very strong.

Oh. Uh, okay? Nothing connects with kids today like a cartoon character from the 1940s!

According to a thread on Reddit Squared Circle, this is the “Triple H filtering Vince McMahon’s terrible ideas” version of the character. The original version was a shoot Mighty Mouse, with a costume and ears and everything. You’d think that’d be an impossibility, but remember this is the company that buries Cesaro to push The Bunny and pretends Mascarita Dorada is an actual bull.

There are two ways this can work.

1. He wears Sgt. Slaughter’s old “Beautiful Bobby” shirt.

2. Andy Kaufman comes back from the dead and performers Neville’s entrance theme exactly like this, every time:

Let’s hope Vince never finds out with a “Seth Rogen” is.