AEW’s Dark Order Commented On Fan Response To Their Characters

All Elite Wrestling has generally had hot crowds so far, with only a few acts being audibly poorly received by the majority of crowds. The Librarian gimmick, at least in its early days, didn’t go over well, and neither did The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.) Their matches with the Best Friends were clearly the least hot of AEW’s tag title tournament, with Trent, Chuck, and Orange Cassidy clearly the team with which the crowd had more of a connection.

In an interview with Fightful, Evil Uno responded to how his tag team has been received, and while he called the public response “mixed,” he says, “Anything professionally has been very good.”

The Dark Order seems to have recently moved in a new direction, or at least had their presentation revamped, with the “Join the Dark Order” vignettes. Before those commercials began (this interview took place at the Starrcast before Full Gear and was published today), Uno promised a long-term payoff for their characters have, saying “We’re here for the long run. It’s only been six weeks of TV. Of course you don’t know much about us now, but that’s by design. We’re supposed to be mysterious. Just wait and see and I promise there will be answers eventually.”

Stu Grayson added to Uno’s statement that “It’s a question of patience. Most fans want to know who we are and everything we’re going to do. But it’s just starting. In the first few episodes of season one, you can’t have the spoiler of season ten. There’s so much to come. If you’re confused now, be confused. That’s okay.”

Whether this storyline boosts the Dark Order’s popularity remains to be seen, but it sounds like AEW has faith it will pay off in the long term.