AEW Fight For The Fallen Results

All Elite Wrestling

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free All Elite Wrestling Fight For The Fallen results, from July 13, 2019. The promotion’s third show featured Cody and Dustin Rhodes versus the Young Bucks, an appearance by Chris Jericho, and more.

The Buy In results:

– The Librarians Peter Avalon and Leva Bates came out to the ring as the show began. Avalon started to cut a promo, but was immediately interrupted by Sonny Kiss entering with four Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleaders.

1. Sonny Kiss defeated Peter Avalon. Leva Bates cheated to help Avalon, but she also helped Kiss back into the ring when he was knocked out, to Avalon’s annoyance. Ultimately Sonny Kiss pinned Peter Avalon after a split leg drop.

– The Rhodes Brothers gave an interview backstage. Cody first talked about how Fight for the Fallen benefits victims of gun violence. Then they talked about the Young Bucks, with Dustin declaring “You’re only as good as we allow you to be.” Cody reassured the interviewer that he’s doing fine after the chair shot he took at Fyter Fest.

2. Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima defeated Britt Baker and Riho. Shoko Nakajima pinned Riho after a step-up hurricanrana. The teams brawled briefly after the match.

– In a backstage interview, Kip Sabian said he knows people think he’s an underdog in his match against Adam Page, but he’s here to prove he’s one of the best in the world. He also accuses Page of getting whatever he wants because he’s in the Elite.

AEW Fight For The Fallen results:

3. MJF, Sammy Guevara, and Shawn Spears defeated Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc, and Joey Janela. Shawn Spears hit Darby Allin with a Death Valley Driver for the pin.

– Alex Jebailey was seen sitting in the audience with Private Party, but Jebailey was forced to leave by security, despite his protests that he bought a ticket.

4. Brandi Rhodes (with Awesome Kong) defeated Allie. Awesome Kong was at ringside cheating to help Brandi throughout. Brandi tapped out to Allie at one point, but the ref was dealing with Awesome Kong and missed it. Brandi raked Allie’s eyes while the ref still wasn’t looking, and then hit a spear for the pin.

– After the match, Brandi and Awesome Kong started to beat up Allie, but Aja Kong came out and the two Kongs had a staredown. After the heels left, Aja helped Allie to her feet.

5. The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) defeated Angelico and Jack Evans, and Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. After a long struggle in which Jungle Boy refused to give up, Evil Uno set him up for Stu Grayson to hit the Fatality for the pin. By winning this match, the Dark Order earned a first round bye in the tournament for the AEW Tag Team Championship.

6. Hangman Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian. After a quick flurry of pinning reversals, Page hit the Right of Passage on Sabian for the 3-count.

– Someone wearing black clothes and one of the Dark Order’s skull masks attacked Page in the ring. The attacker took his mask off and revealed himself to be Chris Jericho. Jericho hit the Judas Effect on Page, leaving him bloody.

7. The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Fenix) defeated SoCal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian, with Christopher Daniels). Pentagon hit a package piledriver on Scorpio Sky to get the pin.

– After the match, the Lucha Bros took out SCU with a ladder. Then they climbed the ladder and cut a promo from the top, challenging the Young Bucks to a Ladder Match at All Out.

8. Kenny Omega defeated CIMA. Kenny pinned CIMA after a One-Winged Angel to finish a hard-fought match.

– Chris Jericho came out and talked about having Adam Page’s blood on his hands. He held his hands up, showing pinkish-red stains. He insulted the crowd and Jacksonville and said he’s going to “beat the crap” out of everyone in All Elite Wrestling, starting with Adam Page. He went on about how nobody would care about AEW if it weren’t for him. He put down Adam Page some more, until Page ran out and attacked him. Refs and guys from the locker room came out, and it became a pull-apart brawl.

9. The Young Bucks defeated Cody and Dustin Rhodes. The Bucks won with the Meltzer Driver on Cody.

– Matt Jackson took a mic and acknowledged that the match had gotten really competitive. He said that when he and Nick made fun of the Rhodes Brothers, it was all in that spirit of competition. He admitted that although he’d heard the legend of the Rhodes Brothers, he’d never seen them as a team because he doesn’t watch “the other product.”

– The promo was interrupted by entrance music, as Shad Khan, Brandi Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus entered, along with a representative from the Victim Assistance Advisory Council, who Khan presented with a giant check for 150,000 dollars. Cody finished by saying that “you can’t counter-program what All Elite Wrestling is doing” and asking the crowd if they’ll join AEW on TNT this fall, to huge cheers. Omega thanked the crowd for helping them raise the money and said goodnight.