AJ Lee Told A Fantastic Story About Making Big E Believe He Injured Her

AJ Lee is deep into her book tour, and as a result, we’re finding out all sorts of things about her. Like, for example, she may possibly someday maybe come back to pro wrestling! (Probably not, though.)

One of the best things to come out of this book tour so far is AJ’s half of a legendary story. We already heard Big E tell his tale about accidentally punching AJ in the chest — on camera — right before his WWE in-ring debut. But now we get to hear AJ tell us about just how badly she ribbed him about it, and how torn up Mr. Langston was about the whole situation.

And if you’ve forgotten about the hit in question:

Yes, like any good friend, she pretended that he nearly shattered her sternum, and kept up the ruse, even while the big lug with the heart of gold was torn up about it and on the verge of tears. It just goes to show you, everyone: a true friend will give you crap and make you feel bad.

Of course, this is all in good fun, and both AJ and Big E are in wonderful places in their lives and careers now. Just watch those arms when you’re flinging them around, people. You never know what tiny person might be in the way of all that tricep meat.