AJ Styles’ WWE Theme Is Available And Climbing iTunes Charts So Let’s Bask In Its Greatness

01.29.16 2 years ago 24 Comments
AJ Styles entrance music


AJ Styles’ WWE debut at the Royal Rumble was, as the kids say LIT. What really set the stage for his return was the theme music. The organs played, the camera stayed on Roman’s face, then that bass hit right as AJ came out. It was electric. The WWE has really come a long way in infusing hip-hop elements to their theme songs (the trap-esque snares on Stardust’s entrance and just about everything in NXT can attest to that). Styles’ song just added to one of the iconic debut moments in WWE history.

I’ve waited damn near a week for the song to hit the internet and it’s finally here:

The song was composed by CFO$, WWE’s new music group that has taken over a lot of the new theme songs. They did previous chart-topper Finn Balor’s theme, Paige’s theme, Rusev and Kevin Owens’ as well. So they’re definitely carving out a nice catalogue. The Styles theme is very old-school Bubba Sparxxx in sound and theme (Bubba is the king of pickup truck references). It fits AJ perfectly and those first 10 seconds are magic. Also, let’s dispel the internet stupidity: this is not a DMX song, even though it shares a similar bass line as the semi-obscure “Ain’t No Sunshine” song he did for the Exit Wounds soundtrack.

The song is currently out on iTunes, so buy it and play it whenever you enter a room. The pop will be off the chain. Kids still say that, right?

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