AJ Styles Gave An Update On His Royal Rumble Injury

After the Royal Rumble, it was reported that AJ Styles suffered a shoulder injury during the men’s Rumble match. Today during a Mixer stream, Styles confirmed that story, and that he injured himself exactly the way that many viewers had guessed: taking a spear from Edge.

While describing the incident, Styles spoke highly of Edge’s return to the ring, saying “It was awesome” and “Everything he did in the ring was perfect,” but “Not so much everything AJ Styles did in the ring was perfect.”

Here’s how the former WWE Champion described getting injured:

If there’s any blame put on anybody about what I’m dealing with with my shoulder, it’s me. One hundred percent me. I was over-brothered, as they say, and I just went crazy with my bump there. The only problem with flipping over that way I did [is] the first thing to hit was my left shoulder. And I thought I had dislocated my shoulder and they wanted to get me out of there right away.

He confirmed that his injury is “a separated shoulder,” and sounded positive about that. “If you’re going to do some damage to your shoulder, this might be the best one to do, because you can come back with therapy from this, I’m pretty sure that’s all it is.” Later in the stream, Styles mentioned that he hurt himself the exact same way working with Roman Reigns a few years ago.

Styles said his shoulder already started feeling better this week, and that he doesn’t “expect to be out very long. I’m assuming and I’m betting on myself that I’ll be back before they think that I’m ready. So we’ll see how that works out.” He’s especially determined not to miss WWE’s biggest show of the year, saying, “I’m not going to miss WrestleMania. I’m not going to do it. I’ll scratch and claw my way there if I have to.”