Watch A Crazy Fan Attack Alberto Del Rio During A Match In Puerto Rico

WWE star Alberto Del Rio was attacked by a fan over the weekend during a match for World Wrestling Council at the Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

The moment happens outside of the ring at the :07 mark in the video, but you have to look for it. Del Rio rolls out of the ring, and a fan in the front row — wearing a mask and a bright yellow shirt, if you need an identifier — grabs him around the neck and starts delivering what might best be described as “clubbering forearms.” The fan escapes unscathed, somehow, but is escorted out of the arena as the match continues.

If you’re wondering what Del Rio was doing at the event, it was to fulfill a previous obligation from before his surprise return to WWE back in October. Fans getting involved in the action is always a dangerous idea, whether it’s for a YouTube prank show or simply for the thrill of escorting your favorite superstar to the ring. It’s impossible to know if you’re just goofily playing along and throwing clubbing forearms, or if you have malicious intent, so just do everyone a favor and stay on your side of the security railing with your hands to yourself, okay?