Alberto Del Rio Claims WWE’s Issues With Racism Extend All The Way Up To The King Of Kings

“So, heh, Hose-A and Hose-B get to the border and…hey, why aren’t you laughing kid?”

You all know the story by now, but a quick a recap – a couple months back, Alberto Del Rio overheard one of WWE’s social media guys named Cody Barbierri make a racist joke at his expense, so he tracked him down and demanded an apology, and when he refused, Alberto slapped him. This led to Alberto’s release. Thankfully, the d-bag who made the joke is now also gone from the company.

Since parting ways with WWE, Alberto has made sure to note, on numerous occasions, that this wasn’t just a one bad racist egg scenario – according to him WWE’s poor treatment of minorities, particularly Latinos, is systemic and goes right to the top. In a recent issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine, Alberto, who now goes by El Patrón Alberto in AAA, went into greater detail about his firing, and the problems in WWE

“We always get these racist jokes from WWE employees, and I’ve never been happy about it. I didn’t say anything, because most of the people doing these racist jokes were important people in the company. It was not just to me, it was to all the Latino elements in the company, all the African Americans, but the way it is in the company, if you come from that background, you have to live with that — you have no option, you know?”

A top WWE executive called Alberto after the Barbierri incident, informed him of his release and assured him he could come back once “things died down”, but Alberto, being the boss he is, insisted the only way he’d continue on with WWE was if he was re-hired by the end of the phone call. He also took the executive to task for his own racial remarks…

“The person calling me was one of the most important people in the company, and I said, ‘We always hear these racist jokes from you, and because you’re one of the most important people in the company in this company, your other employees hear you making these stupid comments, and they think they can do it. When they hear you doing these racist comments all the time, and we don’t say anything, because it is you, now those guys think they can go make those stupid comments.’”

This statement is significant, because Alberto has explicitly stated in the past interviews that is was Triple H who made this call. This isn’t the first time Triple H has been accused of insensitive comments – the also recently released Ricardo Rodriguez claims Triple H nicknamed him Bumblebee after The Simpsons’ Bumblebee Man.

I’ve come around on Triple H over the past couple years – he seems like he’s genuinely committed to putting new guys over, and NXT is a pretty good little fantasy league, but I guess that old Triple H evil has to come out somewhere. Do what’s best for business Hunter, and keep the racist bullshit to yourself.

via Wrestling Inc.