Alberto Del Rio K.O.’d WWE’s Non-Compete Clause And Will Return To The Ring For AAA

Last month, former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio was abruptly fired from the company. We found out later that he’d been fired for slapping the shit out of WWE’s social media manager following a racist joke about how Del Rio should be washing his dishes because he’s Mexican. Del Rio resurfaced almost immediately in the lucha libre promotion AAA as “El Patrón Alberto” (alongside a trapped-in-YouTube Rey Mysterio).

The problem is that WWE contracts come with a strict non-compete clause, preventing fired, released or otherwise unhappy employees from instantly popping up and performing for the competition. We found out today via press conference that Del Rio also slapped the shit out of THAT, and will be wrestling on AAA’s September 14 show “without any problems.” How’d he accomplish that, exactly? From

“It is unconstitutional that you can not work … thanks to lawyers and support of AAA, I can fight without any problems.”

Alberto’s teaming up with La Parka and Myzteziz (the former Sin Cara, whom you must now defeat by tricking him into saying his name backwards) against Texano Jr., Averno and El Hijo del Perro Arguayo. Here’s a poster for the event and the accompanying press conference.

(We’ve still got time for Ricardo Rodriguez to show up with a bucket, folks.)