WWE Has Released NXT Interviewer Alex Reyes As The Announcer Cutting Continues

Over the past few weeks, WWE has been cleaning house with its announcers and backstage interviewers. It started with the release of site-favorite Rich Brennan, followed by the release of backstage personality and 5 Things host Kyle Edwards. That really compromised WWE’s tie and pocket-square game.

The latest release is another backstage interviewer and live event host, Alex Reyes. You may remember him from being patted on the head by Dana Brooke in the aftermath of Devin Taylor’s departure, or from getting a giant card with the number 3 on it stuffed in his jacket by Tye Dillinger. Reyes joined WWE in 2015.

This was his response on Twitter:

According to some details at Pro Wrestling Sheet, Reyes believes that he, Brennan and Edwards were all hired for their lifelong passion for pro wrestling, but that something changed in 2016, their roles were reduced, and they were ultimately fired. All we can picture is Tom Phillips walking through the NXT locker room in an eyepatch, slicing people in the neck with a sword like he’s The Governor.

We wish Reyes the best, and hope that anyone with wrestling TV notices there are suddenly three talented, experienced announcers available.