AEW Reportedly Has Two Possible TV Deals, And They’re Both Good

All Elite Wrestling

According to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, officials at All Elite Wrestling met with a TV network on Saturday, and they now have two TV deals to choose between. We don’t know what networks are involved, but according to Meltzer these are “real stations” with “real money,” which probably at least means AEW is looking at something better than the Pursuit Channel, where Impact Wrestling now airs. In fact, Meltzer specifically said that whatever AEW decides, this would be the best TV deal any wrestling company other than WWE has gotten since the heyday of WCW.

In this age of media conglomeration, there aren’t all that many major channels where wrestling would make sense that aren’t connected to Fox or NBC/Universal, the two companies that have deals with WWE. That has led some people to speculate that WCW’s old stomping ground on the Turner stations of TBS and TNT (which are part of Warner Media) might become a home to AEW. Or Disney, who own the various ESPNs, might be involved. Of course this is wrestling, so it’s also possible that this just Meltzer providing hype for the AEW guys, and nothing nearly this exciting is really going on.

Still, it would be pretty exciting to get a new weekly wrestling show on a channel that most people have. That alone would win a lot of people over to AEW’s product.