Amy Winehouse Gets Excited For The WWE Restaurant In This Rare Video Clip

Just ahead of the DVD release, the producers of the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy have been releasing rare clips that will serve as deleted scene extras. In the latest clip, Winehouse and her her manager Nick Shymansky are seen wandering around New York while she excitedly explains The World, the former WWE restaurant in New York that closed its doors in 2003:

They get all the superstars in there, and then the superstars get drunk and buy people drinks and get them all rowdy, they get the crowds in.

The departed singer was actually a big WWE fan, whose favourite wrestlers included Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam. Back in 2007, a friend described her love of Jericho to The Sun:

“Amy was so excited about meeting [Jericho], she wouldn’t stop talking about it. She was much more excited to meet a wrestler than any musician.

And she used to go crazy whenever Rob was on TV. He was her favourite.”

WWE awkwardly returned that love that same year by having comedy wrestler Santino Marella do a parody of her hit single Rehab as a riff on the WWE/Steve Austin vehicle The Condemned, a film you may recognize from the bottom of the bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart:

Amy is scheduled to be released on DVD November 2nd.