An Apology To With Spandex Readers

10.27.15 4 years ago

On Tuesday afternoon, a member of our staff posted a poorly-worded report about WWE’s Naomi retweeting fans. While we believe the post wasn’t written with malicious intent, the post read as offensive to some readers, and that’s something we take very seriously. The proper changes were made; an an apology was issued.

While it may not help, we wanted to formally apologize to the offended (as a sentient website) and let you know that we’re sorry. The post shouldn’t have been published in that form, and we’re taking the proper measures to make sure it doesn’t happen again. We take this kind of thing very seriously, and if we f*ck up, our job is to remedy it as much as possible, acknowledge it and move forward trying not to f*ck up again in that same way.

We hope you’ll consider this an anomaly, and know that we’re not going to remain ignorant to the very real problems that sometimes come along with making wrestling jokes.

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