And Now, King Kong Being RKO’d Off The Empire State Building

The RKO From Outta Nowhere Vines meme has to be reaching the end of its life cycle. It started off fun, got co-opted by WWE and found a way to drop Randy Orton entirely. Now there are RKO Vines for Shawn Michaels, Triple H and everyone else. You’ve got people yelling FROM OUTTA NOWHERE over a Rey Mysterio 619, which he always performed from the same somewhere. Oh, and people started doing the meme in real life.

Whether or not the Vines are a thing we’re laughing at this time next year, I believe the genre has peaked with Randy Orton RKO’ing King Kong off the Empire State Building.

At least, I hope this is the peak. I’m not sure what could top it, and I don’t trust the Internet to come up with better ideas.