And Now, The Best Of WWE Stars Posing For Mark Photos With Grumpy Cat

In case you missed Monday’s episode of Raw, Internet meme and upcoming Lifetime movie star Grumpy Cat was its special guest star. It’s a cat, though, so “guest starring” meant “sitting still while wrestlers did things near her.” By the end of the night they were basically cutting backstage to footage of a sleeping cat.

The best part of Grumpy Cat’s visit, though, is everyone who works there wanting to take a mark photo with her. Below I’ve compiled my 10 favorite, from a field of probably 200. Don’t worry though, I love them all.

Grumpy Cat and Renee Young

Grumpy Cat and Goldust

Grumpy Cat and Mark Henry

This is probably the greatest photo ever taken, and I have two theories:

1. Mark is allergic to cats but still wanted a photo with Grumpy Cat, so someone just held her up to his face.

2. Mark Henry cannot hold something as small and fragile as Grumpy Cat without crushing it, so they’re just playing it safe.

Grumpy Cat and El Torito

Grumpy Cat and a different kind of Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat and Cesaro

Homeboy wore a cat meme shirt to meet a cat meme. Cesaro is our best living human.

The Truth About Cats And Dogs

Grumpy Cat and Paige

Grumpy Cat with her Raw Co-Stars

Grumpy Cat and A New Day

Wait, THAT’S what you’re wearing? Oh no.