Goliath’s Fall: What You Never Knew About The Late Life And Career Of André The Giant

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Hulk Hogan has said a lot of despicable stuff in his life, but among the most shameful things to come out his mouth is his claim that André the Giant died only days after their legendary WrestleMania III showdown. Like a lot of crazy things Hogan has said, it’s almost become accepted canon, even though it’s not even close to true. The fact is, André lived for almost another six years before passing away on January 27, 1993. Most informed wrestling fans know this, and yet André’s final years often go ignored, with most bios treating WrestleMania III as the final big event of his life.

The reality is, André continued to wrestle, live large and rack up impressive achievements right until the final bell. Here’s a few interesting facts about the part of André the Giant’s story that often goes untold…

André’s minute with the WWF World Championship was the only singles title reign he ever had.

Despite being dead, André the Giant somehow managed to hit one last major career peak after WrestleMania III. On February 4, 1988, André would win the WWF World Championship from Hulk Hogan on the NBC network TV special, The Main Event. The win was a tainted one, as André won thanks to evil ref Earn Hebner and then immediately handed the belt over to Ted DiBiase, leading to the title being vacated. That said, André did officially win the title, and he did it in front of a massive audience – The Main Event drew an absurd 15.2 rating and 33 million viewers, making it the most-watched pro wrestling event in history.

Unbelievably, the WWF Championship, which André held for all of one minute, was the only singles title of his career. He won a variety of tag team championships during his time in wrestling, but nobody wanted to put a singles belt on him as he was generally pushed as a special attraction rather than a title contender. But hey, it doesn’t matter much if you only win one championship, as long as it’s the big one.

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