The Director Of The Andre The Giant Documentary Explained Why So Much Of The Film Focused On Hulk Hogan

04.13.18 10 months ago 16 Comments


After close to two years of developing the long-anticipated Andre the Giant documentary, HBO released the 90-minute special on the Eighth Wonder of the World earlier this week. The network’s venture in association with WWE provided aspects of Andre’s background, but made sure to hit and highlight his (and his profession’s) biggest moments.

As director Jason Hehir explained on a podcast released after the debut of the documentary, HBO wanted to tell an A and a B story. The A story was the obvious — an overview of André Roussimoff. The B story evolved into how wrestling came to be.

It was the latter that received some criticism, as viewers wondered why a film dedicated to the life of Andre the Giant told so much of the story on Hulk Hogan’s own rise to the top of the company.

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