Angel Garza Won A Championship And Proposed To His Girlfriend On NXT

You’d think winning a championship on live television would be the highlight of a WWE Superstar’s night. Turns out, you’d be wrong!

Angel Garza opened this week’s edition of NXT on USA Network by challenging Lio Rush for the Cruiserweight Championship. Rush kicked out of Garza’s finisher, the Wing Clipper, but Garza transitioned it into a reverse full nelson, double-underhook submission and tapped out the champion to win the match. It was a major, breakout moment for the man who turned out to be the star of NXT’s “Breakout Tournament” from earlier this year.

During the commercial break, Garza spoke to the crowd about the things he holds most important in this life. Wrestling, the support of the NXT Universe, his family, and, most importantly, his girlfriend. Garza then brought his girlfriend into the ring, dropped to a knee, and proposed to her in front of the live crowd. It didn’t take her long to say yes, as you can see below.

NXT made sure to show fans watching at home a replay of the moment when commercials ended, both to celebrate the joy of love, and to make everyone jealous that they aren’t the ones marrying Angel Garza. Congratulations to the happy couple!