Asuka Is Now Officially The Best Women’s Wrestler In The World

11.03.17 5 months ago 16 Comments


Wrestling fans can argue about who the best wrestler in the world is and never agree on the same answer because there are so many names to choose. It’s the same for women’s wrestling too, which is a great thing because it shows how much women’s wrestling has evolved.

There’s so much talent over the world that it’s hard to come up with a simple answer about who the best women’s wrestler is. Thanks to Pro Wrestling Illustrated, we actually have a list of their top ten women’s wrestlers. This is a follow up to their men’s list that came out in August that had Kazuchika Okada in the number one spot.

The woman they chose in the number one spot was Asuka, who has a two year undefeated streak and recently just debuted on WWE’s Raw brand. Her 510-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion made history and she didn’t lose the title. She just moved onto Raw where the streak continues.

I’m sure people will argue about the other names on the list, but I don’t think there’s much argument against Asuka considering her title reign, her push, the quality of her matches and the star power that she has. Asuka is a good choice for the top spot.

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