Awesome Kong Was Sent Home From A TNA Tour For Allegedly Assaulting Reby Sky

TNA knockout Awesome Kong (aka WWE’s Kharma) was allegedly sent home from a TNA tour in the UK for assaulting former knockout and current wife of TNA world champion Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, according to PWinsider.

The incident apparently stemmed from Sky attempting to get dressed in the Knockout’s locker room. Since Sky is not an active wrestler and only makes appearances as Hardy’s wife, Kong allegedly took offense. The report says that Kong threw Sky’s bag out of the locker room and when Sky later returned to grab her stuff, an incident occurred between the two as Kong was upset at Sky for “not apologizing.”

There are conflicting reports about what happened next, with some sources saying Kong attempted to go after Sky but was restrained, and other reports saying Kong grabbed Sky by the neck and assaulted her. To make matters worse, Hardy and the pair’s infant son, Maxel, were apparently nearby when the incident occurred.

The beef between Sky and Kong apparently goes back years. In 2013 Kong took offense to Sky calling out Sid Vicious for no-showing an independent event and Sky responded with some not so nice words of her own about the former WWE diva.

Rumors came out in November that Kong was retiring, but she’s since ended up staying in TNA for the time being. Now her long-term status with the company is reportedly in question. If she is let go, it wouldn’t be the first time Kong left TNA, as she was released in 2010 for assaulting Bubba the Love Sponge — better known as the guy who’s wife was involved in Hulk Hogan’s infamous sex tape

(Via PWInsider)