Here’s A Christmas Bad Lip Reading From WWE And Yes, The Undertaker Is Santa

WWE’s been trying to get in on that sweet Bad Lip Reading view count for a while now. Remember when they turned Daniel Bryan into “Teddy Graham?” In the video, not when they did it in real life.

They’re back at it with a holiday-themed video, featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Brock Lesnar a hat, and Lesnar not getting him anything in return. That … sorta sets the tone for the rest of the video. You’ve got Roman Reigns wishing for his two front teeth, Dean Ambrose as an alcoholic and Vince McMahon being unsatisfied with a snow globe. The only time I can imagine him enjoying one is on his deathbed, just before whispering “the Rosebuds” and dropping it.

The highlight of the clip in a walk is the infamous SummerSlam laugh-in between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. You could put almost anything behind that and it’d be entertaining.

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