Bad News For The Boss: Sasha Banks And Her Fiancé Have Both Suffered Injuries

What the heck is going on with Sasha Banks? After having the best match at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, she was a no-show at the weekend NXT house shows, and didn’t appear on the next month of NXT TV tapings. Well, it unfortunately seems as if the dreaded shoulder injury curse has struck another top NXT talent.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Banks has suffered some type of arm or shoulder injury. It’s not yet known exactly when the injury occurred or how severe it is. Word is that she might have been scheduled to at least do something at the most recent NXT tapings, but her fiancé (yes, Sasha’s engaged, boo) had a scary incident in the ring, and she had to leave the tapings.

Her husband-to-be, Sarath Ton (also known as Rutherford Hayes), got knocked out cold during a tag match at the NXT tapings. There was no obvious reason or bad bump that knocked him out, and it was said to be eerily reminiscent of the freak accident that recently killed Perro Aguayo, Jr. Ton was down for nearly 10 minutes as WWE doctors attended to him, and he was then rushed to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, word is he’s okay now.

Here’s hoping Sasha and her man brush off their lousy week and her injury isn’t too bad. If there’s one person who can stop this shoulder injury curse in it’s tracks with pure, concentrated fierceness, it’s Sasha.

Update: According to a five word (and one smiley) response by Sasha on her Tumblr, she may not be injured. Of course, wrestlers often try to deny or work through real injuries, but hopefully Sasha is indeed okay.

via the Wrestling Observer